Letti pediatrici e culle per neonati

Letto pediatrico MAXIMO

The Maximo children’s bed combines future-oriented demands with child-friendly design: treatment oriented safety with colourful surroundings. The cheerful design makes the days in hospital fly by in no time and lends a friendly atmosphere to the space.
As well as modern design, the Maximo already reflects the expected requirements of new standards – so you are already investing into the future.
Keep and SMILING:
he „smiling“ sides of our Maximo bed: the side rails. The smiling sweep of the upper edge makes it visually more friendly while the work of the nursing staff is also made easier – this is where design meets future-oriented planning.
With its higher side rail (810 mm), the Maximo complies with the DIN 32623 standard. With the increasing height of today’s children, the Maximo is looking to the future.
Function overview:
SMART details.
The harmonious look of the Maximo is completed with the shape of a duck’s head on the ends of the side rails. That is what makes nursing fun!
Letto pediatrico MAXIMO

Stiegelmeyer Joh. GmbH & Co. KG

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