Tavoli per sale operatorie

MRT 5600 II

Tavoli operatori per raggi X ed accessori
Massive design and production completely from high quality, polished stainless steel
Unique, virtually unrestricted 360° imaging transparency of the carbon fibre surface with side rails made also of carbon fibre
Head section side rails made of carbon fibre for the attachment of additional head support aggregates
Ergonomic, curved formation of the table top makes patient-friendly position possible and considerably reduces the radiation dose in the lateral beam path
Especially low base construction perfects the use of the C-arm while simultaneously providing optimum accessibility for the user
Safe workload 250 kg in all positions
Transversal and longitudinal displacements with electrohydraulic drive make reverse/Trendelenburg adjustments as well as lateral adjustments possible
Different table top widths optimize the table for various disciplines
Rich assortment of radiolucent accessories available
MRT 5600 II

Medifa - Hesse GmbH & Co. KG

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