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Seta brevo

A very important topic in nursing is the avoidance of falls. Not just for the health of the patient but also for the legal safety of the staff.

The innovative Stiegelmeyer Seta brevo combines two methods of preventing falls.
First of all, the lowest position of the mattress base is only 27 cm in height and this minimises the risk of falling when getting out of bed; secondly, the various side rail systems effectively protect the patient from falling out of bed.

Patients can feel safe and well – and nursing staff do not need to worry.
The mature technology and the timeless design support the positive perception of the product and make sure that the patient feels properly looked after.

Thus the MultiFlex-System ensures with the aid of separate individual segments a safe transfer of drainage tubes and at the same time the MultiFlex side rails can be used as continuous side rails.
You can therefore rely on a side rail which offers patient safety but does not limit patient mobility. The 100 mm diameter castors ensure good performance and manoeuvrability.
Function overview:
HIGH means ergonomic and kind to the back.
A bed can hardly be high enough for hospital staff, as the work becomes significantly easier and kinder on the back if you do not have to work with your back bent. The Seta brevo can go up to a height of 720 mm.
Seta brevo

Stiegelmeyer Joh. GmbH & Co. KG

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