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Rest is an important prerequisite for recovery and all Stiegelmeyer beds fulfil this prerequisite with style.
But healthy though bed rest may be, early mobilisation is also important for some patients. They are not always able to manage this for themselves and may sometimes require a great deal of help from the nursing staff, involving a great deal of effort from the patient.
We believe that mobilisation can be done differently and we are pleased to suggest for you a real Stiegelmeyer innovation: perfectly designed to meet the exact needs of both nursing staff and patients and of course stylish to look at – the Stiegelmeyer Vertica hospital bed.
We understand about STANDING UP.
For us, mobilisation means activating the patient – not overtaxing him. Almost inevitably, we came up with the idea of placing the patient in an upright position instead of the effort of pulling him over the edge of the bed.
Function overview:
NATURAL movement.
The Vertica thus gently lifts the patient following the natural course of movement from a horizontal position into a seated and finally standing position.

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